Everyone is born an artist …….Pablo Picasso

All true innovators, in science, in any discipline, are artists…….Albert Einstein

ArtsSuite, ramping to launch in early 2014,  is a personalizable, arts-centric social media network, where current news, issues, web content and creative engagement can be composed by the user into channels, to display current and trending content in their unique area(s) of interest in the Arts. ArtsSuite’s platform is structured on a backbone of aggregated content, curated by thought-leaders in relevant vertical sectors, e.g. dance, music, film, visual arts.  It will feature a highly flexible, immersive user interface, compatible with the newest display technologies, to create a seamless dashboard “salon” experience responsive to each user’s needs, goals, and interests, at any given time.

ArtsSuite will harness cutting-edge technologies in search optimization, aggregation and artificial intelligence to collect, synthesize, curate and create the first full-spectrum content stream for the performing and visual arts — for everyone from curious individuals, students, performers and artists to film producers, theatres, donors, institutions and industry — in order to:

  • inspire and facilitate the exchange of news, knowledge and ideas across boundaries,
  • inspire and facilitate collaboration in creative and business processes,
  • catalyze and mobilize the arts community around key issues.

ArtsSuite will aggregate and curate content from key news sites, journals and blogs, as well as genre/medium-specific verticals across the web and social media. By slicing cross-section-wise across vertical content structures, in whatever direction the user desires, it will create an expert-driven, socially sticky, cloud-based service.

ArtsSuite will profoundly reduce users’ Time-to-Knowledge and Time-to-Discovery on the internet.

ArtsSuite will create the transparency with which everyone can see and understand the rich diversity of art, artists, institutions and the creative process.

ArtsSuite will simplify and transform the way art is understood, created and consumed.

ArtsSuite will erase existing walls between the arts, and between art, science, technology and business.

ArtsSuite will magnify and clarify the place of art and the creative process in everyone’s daily life.

  • Every user/consumer is also a producer of content.
  • Every constituency is a customer.

Revenue streams are as numerous as there are transactions that occur between entities intrinsic in the community or with extrinsic players. We will capture a piece of any associated transaction. We will attract sponsor/stakeholder partnerships, and monetize the value of data capture.


  • Seed capital raise initiated
  • Recruited rock-star Chief Technical Officer
  • Recruited top-Klout Social Media Strategist
  • Recruiting identified visionary UI/UX guru
  • In development with social media channels targeting key demographics




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